Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Furry, "WHINEY" Alarm Clock!

This is how TOto wakes me up in the morning! 

But he is not very accurate, still usually he will wake me up between 7.00am-7.45am right before my own alarm. BUT sometimes if he is too tired, I will wake up before him; so he gets to sleep in with daddeee! He can be very persistent, and the whining gets louder and louder. 

Sometimes he just wants me to scratched him, and he goes right back to sleep. Sometimes, just like this video, he just wants to make sure I wake up to cook for daddeee.


So you know who he loves MORE!
TOto wants to chase mammeee out so that he can get some alone time with daddeee ~


  1. Awww that's so cute! I guess I should be thankful that Kip sleeps in later than I do. Haha!

    1. @Kim,
      TOto is such split personality! He wakes just to wake me and goes back to sleep!!! After waking me up, he can go back to sleep till 1pm!