Monday, July 30, 2012


One of the proudest achievement we have with TOto; 
TOto wouldn't just RUN Out once the main door is open!
He would definitely wait for BOTH of us to come out.
He wouldn't bulged, and only follow one of us, if he knows that BOTH of us will be going out with him. so if Daddeee has walked down and mammeee is still in the house, TOto will wait right outside the door.
TOto will loiter around the corridor until we give the OK command.
Then he will trotter down ...
And wait one level down for us ...
We used to hide away and he will have to come running up, so he will always look back for us.
Another level down, he will wait for the next command to continue.

Once Daddeee says 'STOP', he will usually sit and wait for us to give the next command.

Sometimes we will let him roam awhile, but sometimes we will hook him up.
TOto is already used to our unpredictability, so it doesn't matter to him whether he is unleashed or hooked up!

Maybe to some people this is 'NO BIG DEAL' but to me this IS A FREAKING BIG DEAL because I know of dogs whom just RAN out of the house and get knocked down OR dogs sneaking out and lost their way! SO when we had TOto, I told Daddeee this is something that is VERY IMPORTANT to me. We have to train TOto not to RUN out of the door at any chance he has!
After that TOto gets to enjoy a leisurely morning walk with Mammeee and Daddeee ~

TOto loves it when the both of us walks with him ...

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