Sunday, July 22, 2012

daddeee go work work?

It is VERY important that daddeee inform TOto that he is going to work! 
If NOT, TOto goes into a panic mode thinking that daddeee has gone missing ...

(Look at the slouch on TOto's shoulder? It just meant that TOto is not very happy about the whole morning situation!)

Sometimes TOto is okok about daddeee going to work and he will give a very enthusiastic, quick kisses with a bite. Sometimes it will be a SHORT and QUICK one! Sometimes a lame-soft-stuck-out-one-lick kinda of kiss. Sometimes it will be a slobbery wet one. Sometimes, when he is really unhappy about daddeee leaving, he will REFUSE to give any kisses!

Daddeee will have to spend a few minutes promising coaxing TOto with sweet nothings about a longer evening walks or dog park trip or 'play ballball' when he comes home from work! Ultimately daddeee will inform TOto if he doesn't go to work, mammeee and TOto will die of hunger, hahaha!

If TOto is satisfied with all the promises and reasoning, TOto will eventually gives a very unwilling kiss ...

No matter what, TOto will always wait patiently for daddeee to come home.
(mammeee didn't made up the above story!)

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