Thursday, December 9, 2010

Petsmart Report Card

Petsmart issues REPORT card for the dogs after their DAYCAMP, so cute right!!
He is always the LIFE of the party! We realised that not everydog initiate play and TOto is that dog who always initiate play with other dogs! And we hear for quite a number of other owners who claim that their dog is always unusually 'hostile' towards other dogs but is always willing to play with Toto!! TOto always manage to bring out the playful side of other dog!!

TOto get the 'SUPER' sticker!
Toto has quite a number of different 'BEST' friend!

'NOODLE'; cute name for a dog!!

TOto is toooooooooooo YOUNG to have a girlfriend!!!
Hmmmpfff; jealous!
TOday is a 'Unusually' grouchy day for TOto, we wonder why! Maybe when hubby brought him down to walk and hub refused to let TOto play with another dog named Dixie!!

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