Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kuranda Imported Aluminum Dog Bed - Medium

Our X'mas gift to Toto, stated as a Offshore copies so it is about 50% cheaper. At 50% still not cheap :( about US$60.00!! Our roll out bed cost us about US$150.00 for the both of us. Hopefully he will want to use it. I guess this is good for him during warmer days, this bed will be so much cooler than snuggling with us on the bed! We outbid at the very last 2minutes at $2.00 from the first bidder. Hahahaha ~

From ebay seller 'kurandausadogbeds'
manufactured Chewproof Dog Bed were imported into the USA in violation of our patent. Because they copy our patented chewproof design they can only be sold with Kuranda's permission. We have reached an agreement with the manufacturer for a one time inventory clearance.

The beds are constructed with powder coated aluminum side rails, PVC corner components, aluminum legs and birch colored vinyl weave fabric.

These beds are available for a very limited time in very limited quantities available.

ITEM: Kuranda Imported Dog Bed - Aluminum frame & legs with Gray PVC corners
SIZE: Medium is 37" x 25" x 8" (outside dimensions)
FABRIC: Vinyl Weave/Textilene
COLOR: Birch Forest (shown in photo#3)

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  1. Thank you for the information (and the email!). I really think Gus would like something like this.