Monday, December 6, 2010

@ 10months old

  • Toto has totally eliminate his habit to Poop and pee at home!
  • He seems to be so much calmer, but on the same time still very stubborn!
  • He prefer to sleep with us, and has QUIT the habit of chewing the sofa in the morning!
  • He loves to stay out in the patio when hubs is not around!!
  • When he see dog approaching, he has learn to go into a 'down position' and wait for the other dog to approach.
  • He warrant less attention from us and is more independent.
  • He loves his crate now and will go into it to sleep on his own.
  • His chewing habit has diminish and at the same time he is not as curious, and so he will only bite or play with his own toy and ignoring our stuffs! He didn't even sniff out the new X'mas tree that we have put up!
  • He don't allow me to handstrip him, and whine at the slightest pain! BAD~
  • Toto has establish a way to communicate with us, when he want something, he will sit near it and start whining. He will start soft and get louder hahaha~ If he want to eat, it will be in the kitchen, if he wants to go patio, he will sit near the Patio door. If he wants to go out, he will sit either at our bedroom door or at our front door!
Overall he seems to have improved alot @10months old, although the improvement is small but these are good improvements!!

Snugging with hubs in the morning!
Before going for his Salon appointment!
USD60.00 for a 2 hour handstripping, ouchie! His 'haircut' is more expensive then hubs and moi!
Off he goes to ClassyK9 at Plano; a new branch!
After his strip, no major difference but then he smell good and look so much neater!!

TOto looking ON when me and hubs is decorating the X'mas tree!
See the way the both of them sleep!
Sleep until like that!!
Looks so comfy huh ...


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