Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pictures Update of Toto ...

YQ says after I have gone, Toto hasn't put on much weight! Hahaha don't know he got feed him right or not!!! I have already put on 2-3kg and Toto hasn't put on weight!! How can!!

Hubby found this scene so endearing ...
Using his fish fish as a pillow!!
And the RECONSTRUCTED lap top keyboard as good as new!!
I was telling hubby, you almost KILL him because of a USD20.00 replaceable keyboard! Human cannot think right when they are NOT in the right mind!
Practising his westie stand!
Nice posture??
But then neck fur TOO LONG, need trimming!!
Still snuggling near the door close to his pile of toys!!
YQ train him to go to his BED, hahaha ..
But he still prefer OUR BED!
His favourite chew toy!!

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