Thursday, July 8, 2010

Can sell already!

I was kidding with YQ that, when I goes back to USA, Toto would have drop all his baby teeth. And if I were to go back later, he would have been neutered. Then he would be the perfect dog to SELL!

And his reply to me :

Y-When u see him after u come back.. u wont sell him ..

Y-He is what u never believe he will be!
Y-He is still naughty once a while.. but he know what u want easily!
Y-I sleep he let me sleep in.
Y-When I wake, he will jump n lie by me.. And give me kisses then snug with me.. Even on the tiny sofa in the living room ...

Erm got so perfect or not!? Maybe he is just being naughty with me!! Because he gets away with ALOT more stuffs with me!

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