Saturday, January 18, 2014

Outdoor dining to sneak dog in; Old Airport Road Food Centre!

The place I wanted to recommend today, is not exactly PET/DOG friendly but we managed to have our meal there with TOto at a far end corner.

We did not have the intention to come to Old Airport Road Food Centre; but daddeee drove past and I see the 'ALFRESCO area' and suggested to come here and try!
Pardon mammeee, she just look so tired.

We just chose the furthest corner and luckily the day is rather cloudy.
The whole outdoor area is very dirty, we are surprised; HOW THE HELL did they pass NEA? We have to use our own wipes to wipe our chair and our side of the table. We didn't even allow TOto to WALK OVER! We carried him and sat him on his PILLOW.
Daddeee went in for 20 minutes before he came out with these items. One more packet of Hokkien Mee is in a wrapped packet. But that was not worth mentioning at all. The Char Kway Teow WAS GOOD!
We will definitely come back again; without TOto hahahaha!
Just because the place is TOO DIRTY ...

Anyways ...
We randomly find a big patch of gated area with CLEAN DRY grass for TOto to run in! TOto is MAD HAPPY with this unexpected run of LUCK. Nowadays when he see clean field like this, his eye BRIGHTENS up! But I do't think we will ever come here again ...

This is TOto acting CUTE; trying to get my attention!
Also tried to Mar Coat him today ...
His butt is thinner now, hey!
More stripping again next week.

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