Thursday, January 2, 2014

Accidental PARK ...

We accidentally roam to this little park near my place, and there wasn't much people around plus there was any main road that was too nearby! We can unleashed TOto for a little bit of run and explore! He was so excited but under control of course!
Can you spot where is the furrypig?
He is everywhere but when mammeee calls out, he comes FLYING BACK!
And we discovered a CLEAN patch of green grass and TOto's immediate reaction was to look at daddeee and follows very closely. HE IS WAITING for his BALL but we didn't expect to see greens where he can run! So too bad he was so dissappointed but then we place some NAME CALLING.

Hahaha daddeee is pissed, TOto is rolling on the ground!

He is VERY SATISFIED with today's morning walk!
And slept well too!

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