Saturday, June 21, 2014

Kite Flying @ Punggol Waterway Park

The plan was to go Marina Barrage but then I decided to go Punggol beach instead because I hasn't been there and I thought,"Beach should have area for kite flying?"

But I was so wrong, the beach isn't the beach I thought it would be so we decide to drive over to Punggol Waterway Park instead. And we were quite disappointed when we see a event being held there but the Park was HUGE and we manage to find a big patch of field ALL TO OURSELVES! Maybe it was so HOT, noone was outside!

But a promised was made to 2 kiddos, SO WE HAVE TO FLY kite even though it was hot and there is NO WIND! 

I hasn't seen SUCH a BIG SMILE on TOto for some time!
I was glad he really enjoyed himself.
He don't really care what the Human-beans behind him are doing!
Hahaha he was running free EVERYWHERE; fetching balls and chasing daddy ...
The field is very clean!
And although he is already very tired but he still RAN like as if there isn't tomorrow!
But still he didn't forget mammeee who was in the shade the whole time!

We will definitely be back!


  1. Hi Shanice, Toto is very handsome and spunky! I happen to find your videos on YouTube while searching for sembawang quarantine center.

    I will be importing my Westie back in aug'14 and would like to know your personal take on Toto's stay at the quarantine center and if you have any tips for my westie.

    Thank you so much!
    Warmest Regards,
    Joshua Yew

    1. Hi Joshua, where you coming back from? And how many days will your pup be in AVA? TOto is actually tougher than I think he is. He survived! We visited him everyday possible and brought cleaning equipment to disinfect his room. There is nothing I like or Love there, but if possible I don't mind camping inside with TOto :( But 10 days is faster than we thought!

      Do you have any more specific question for me? Haha question very vague, hard to answer ...

      Regards shanice

  2. Thank you! Just really worried and anxious for the long journey!