Thursday, June 19, 2014

It's been One and a half month ...

Yup we moved officially with nothing in the house!
No lights, no bed, no curtain, NO NOTHING ...
AND we decide to MOVE!

This is not TOto's first move so we roughly knows what to anticipate from him. He will roughly sulk for about 2 weeks and then accept his fate. But he is so used to having family members around, it's sad that it will just be US again ...

TOto first move was when we collect him and drove from Kansas to Texas, Colony.
Then we shifted to Allen, Texas.
Next he was look after by MrK for 3-4months staying at his place in Plano, Texas.
Then is the BIG MOVE, flight to Singapore AVA for 2 weeks!
And of course after his released to Woodlands ...

This is his SIXTH move!?
Still he sulked for 2 weeks and when my bro came visiting, he actually wants to go home with him! Well, 回家 still means Woodlands for the first few weeks, and when we come here you can see the dissappointment!

But well we slept on the floor for the first 2-3 weeks and TOto will snuggle at the side.

When the Sofa was set up, he was ECSTATIC!
Well he was the first one who get to ROLL and RUB on the sofa ...

SOFA approved by TOto!
TUrtle of course was the first few occupants too!
Haahahahaha ~

He REALLY sulk ALOT during the first few weeks here!

Very few smile!

His first walk around here and he sees a HUGE monitor lizard, luckily we didn't off leash him!

Slowly he starts to adapt, and becomes his usual self.

Lucky us, there is a small park behind us and we always walk him there!

Oh and he already knows that's the kitchen where his food is prepare, and this picture is funny because if you look closely he is looking at PIZZA boxes! Our first home delivery, Canadian Pizza!
More smiley!
He also gotten a very bad rash, on his thighs and I suspect its from a empty field I brought him to play fetch. I didn't apply anything and just ice them. When he starts to lick or scratch, I just use towel and ice to ice him.
I didn't know it's that bad till I cut nipped off the fur around the area.
As long as TUrtle, boing boing, daddeee and mameee is around; he adapted very quickly!

Hope we get to go places soon ...


  1. Hello, just found your blog today. Are you still in Singapore then?