Friday, February 28, 2014

Another Chapter in OUR LIFE ~

Right after we recover, this is another chapter into OUR LIFE.
We waited 3+ years for this to happen ...

And in TOto's mere 4 years he has made quite a few moves.

At 8 weeks - Kansas to The Colony, Texas.
At 2 - The Colony, Texas to Allen, Texas
At 3+  - He stayed in MrK house for a few months.
At 3+ - Texas to Singapore via Lufthansas!
At 4+ - He only managed to get so used to our current place and we are MOVING again. Poor little guy, it will always get him about 2-3 weeks to get used to a new place. 
And a few months to really get comfortable for him to sleep about or be on his own. 

But this will be OUR own NEST, not RENTED!
Early morning, we woke TOto up for Key COllection!

The group next to us collecting keys was so impressed with TOto. He look so stern sitting on my lap going through all the documentations like he is the one doing the final signing off. 
hahahahaha ~
Curious little white furryboy!

But he looked SO GROUCHY~
C'mom you have 2 extra rooms to choose from!
Pool view too ...

Arrrghhh hahahaha, well he will get use to it.
But he will miss Ah Hui and Mj VERY MUCH~

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