Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sembawang Animal Quarantine Station Day 02 - Confirmed released 8/8

- A Video to be uploaded soon -
Last night at Changi Quarantine was considered to be 1st night, so today will be his 2nd day Quarantine but first night at Sembawang. We heard he was drove in this morning. When we arrived, he was ON TOP of his crate, and there was a patch of water/urine in the cubicle. There was 'poop' at the outdoor area too, and flies was hovering over it. It was a pathetic sight! TOto daren't even jump down to greet us, because the urine patch was right underneath him! We quickly get the uncle to help us clean the room up, I felt so sorry for TOto because TOto is a CLEAN FREAK!

Right after, we put down our bags, we quickly brought TOto out to the small dog run first ...

There isn't much people, so we think we have abit more than 15minutes run.
The weather is wet and cooling, and I gotten ALOTS of mossie bites!
Arrrrrrrrghhhh ...
When we are in the room, daddeee starts to unscrew his crate and starts to wipe it down!
I tried as hard as I can to dematt TOto.
There was so much matting to be removed.
And I realised there is alot of shaved patches everywhere.
When TOto was sent for grooming, the groomers must have shaved away some of his matted fur.

In my leg, TOto felt so safe, he actually ignore my pulling and tugging, falling in and out of sleep!
I bet he hasn't had a proper sleep in days ...
Poor fellow!

I can feel his heartbeat finally calm down ...
Daddeee tried to clean up as much as he can.
Tomorrow we shall bring our own disinfectant tool to DISINFECT the whole place down!

When we are leaving it is so difficult, TOto whine so hard and loud; our heart ache so badly!
If I could, I would gladly CAMP in 10 days with him.
It was an intense 2 hours session.

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