Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cotton Bowl Annual Dog Bowl 2013!

And our 2nd time here!
It started earlier this year and we can bring TOto ...
To save USD10, we parked quite a distance away; and it's a LONG walk to the stadium!
But today is a CLOUDY and windy day, so all of us doesn't mind the slow walk towards the stadium!
When arrived, lotsa of furkids and their family are already leaving!
But it is still CROWDED!

If you are confident, feel free to unleash your furkids inside the big stadium!
Lotsa of families are out here enjoying the day with their furkids as well!

Lotsa of vendors have free treats for the them too!

But as usual, TOto has his defensive mode ON, and he is just on ALERT mode trying not to LOST US!
There were a few times he followed the wrong leg, when he realised, he was so panicky trying to look for us; while we looked on laughing at him. Sometimes he can be so blur!

Most of the furkids are running about or playing with the water ...

And some obviously OVER-enjoyed themselves!

But TOto was just FOCUSED on following us around, NOT interested even with interacting with other poochies!

"Haiyo, why we have such a 'kancheong' spider dog?"

A stage for performances and some competition too!

He can't wait to GO HOME!
Some dogs cannot wish to go out and have fun, and we have a furkid who can't wait to go home.

A RARE great day in Texas to be out and about!

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