Sunday, January 6, 2013

Stranger in the house ...

The first few days my Gf is here, TOto always has this look on his face, "Why is SHE still here?" and kept checking her area out waiting right outside an area where we place her bed ...

And for the first few days we are walking home from the car, TOto will pause at the stairways, and give Gf this look, "Why is she still here?". 

It is so funny! 

And for the first night Gf is here; in the middle of  his sleep, TOto seems to have a nightmare, he suddenly woke up and charged running out to bark at Gf! Hahaha, I have to run out and pulled TOto back! Luckily Gf was too tired to react on her first night here. And for the next few nights, any noise or ruffles, TOto will go running out barking at her. Gf seems to be the 'source' of anything that is happening downstairs or outside! It is so funny how their little brain works! TOto just doesn't trust her at all ...
We were out shopping alot, and so TOto was in Zippy alot too!
After 3 days here, TOto still cannot accept her!
Look at how Gf is carryhing him, and TOto just want to RUN AWAY ...
He is rather grouchy for the first week!
And in my lap ALOT!

He just doesn't trust having a 'stranger' about ...
But after the first week, TOto suddenly request Gf to carry him!
We were ALL SHOCK!
He has finally accepted her as part of the pack ...
After that we realised TOto has kept a lookout for Gf too, and even play some fetch with her.
We were out shopping so much, TOto can finally lie down in the zippy while waiting but he still couldn't totally sleep in it. When zippy moves, he quickly sat up!
And by the 3rd week, she can hold his leashed and TOto can walk with her.

It's amazed how we slowly socialized him to a new person! 
It takes some patience but we made it!
I wonder how TOto will react when she leaves ...
Will he be devastated?


  1. So stores let TOto in as long as he is secured inside that nifty Zippy stroller thing? That's pretty cool! After all it's not that safe to leave a dog unattended in a car (especially in the Summer) so the Zippy seems very useful in that sense. I wonder if they'd let me on a Korean bus with Kip in a stroller lol!

    1. I think as long as he is not a nuisance, no one cares! Mostly only kiddos realised that he is inside. Alot of pple will think its a real baby inside the stroller! And he doesn't growl or bark or move much inside too ...

      Stroller on a bus? The stroller is quite heavy!!!